The number three has always had a magical symbolism. In many cultures, it is believed to have magical properties. In the sixteenth century, the richness of three part compositions came together with the highly developed form of playing the recorder. The transparency and clarity of these compositions were a special challenge to the composers and players of the time. A uniquely beautiful ensemble sound is the result, where the individuality of the flute's voices, a variety of tone colours and nuanced articulation as well as captivating virtuosity melt together, forming a unit.

But for the members of Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin, Irmhild Beutler, Martin Ripper and Sylvia C. Rosin, the compositions of this golden age of recorder ensemble playing was just the starting point. Their repertoire, which spans 700 years, includes a stylistically broad range of pieces, among them compositions and arrangements of their own. Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin has been fascinating their audience with their refined sounds since 1991. Over thirty different instruments from the recorder family come into play. Their recordings for Hänssler Classic are available on compact disc: Fantasia appeared in 1997 and Chips 'n' Chocolate in 1999. Furthermore a series of sheet music - recorder trio, Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin - has been available from Universal Edition Vienna since 1999. The title workshop bass recorder - learn to play bass recorder in ensemble appeared in 2002. Prizes the Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin has won include the first prize for the chamber music competition at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK, formerly known as the HdK) in 1992 and the competition for ensemble playing at the International Recorder Symposium Calw in 1998.

"Ensemble Dreiklang Berlin nennen sich die drei mehrfach preisgekrönten HochschulabsolventInnen und symbolisieren seit ihrem Zusammenschluß im Jahre 1991 den Harmoniebegriff des Dreiklangs im umfassenden Wortsinne. „Drei-Einheitlichkeit“ sollte man sie nennen! Ihr CD-Debüt sprengt jedenfalls alles bisher dagewesene Terzettblasen auf Blockflöten. Homogenität, Reinheit der Intonation Melodie, Rhythmus, Perfektion aller möglichen (auch „unmöglichen“) Bläsertricks bis hin zu Spielwitz und Humor steigern das Gesamtprogramm zu einem Nonplusultra an Vielseitigkeit und Kurzweil."

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Irmhild Beutler
Martin Ripper
Sylvia C. Rosin